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Seattle Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Number 33 - Vashon Island Sea Captain’s house

This house was built in 1907 at the end of a dirt road on a bluff overlooking Seattle.

There’s a big old wrap around porch on the bay side and a chicken coop in the back yard. 

The place is as peaceful now as it probably was back then.

These fir floors were recycled from the original kitchen.  When the flooring was picked up they discovered a half-inch thick layer of

1907 newspapers in perfect condition from the day the first floor was laid.  There were even colored Sunday funnies.  The comics

were a little less politically correct than they are today but the Sea Captain that built the house probably was too. 

The newspapers told the story of a different time.  West Seattle real estate was being offered for sale with sketches of tall masted schooners in Puget Sound.  According the the advertisements you could buy a building lot in the Leschi Neighborhood for less  than the price of a woman’s whalebone corset.  Life was hard back then.  Imagine having to wear that whalebone corset!

We built this kitchen queen to match an original piece in the house.

It has a built in flour & sugar drawer just like 1907 but the

Kitchen Aide Mixmaster pop-up is way easier than back in the day.

Here it is in our shop!