This Mt Baker kitchen is the one that started the Ballard Cabinet line.

We’ve filled a couple of houses up with cabinets for this family and have another one coming up soon.

These kitchens show our new line of Ballard Cabinets

The only difference between Ballard Cabinets and our classic cabinetry line is that we build these pieces as individual elements, rather than monolithic construction.This is WAY easier to do and costs you less money.

We still maintain the classic proportions that make everything look so good and just like always these cabinets are available

any height, width or depth  you want.

We’ve engineered these in a way that costs us less to build so we can offer these to you at a better value.

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Seattle Custom Cabinets

This Queen Anne kitchen is a blend of monolithic and Ballard Construction.

The uppers are done as one piece but the lowers are individual units.

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To see more pictures of this kitchen click here7.html

Adding a single vertical mullion to the center of these glass doors really made a difference.

The thickness of the shelving makes them look like muntins and creates the impression of french doors.

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If you look real close you can see that this kitchen is built out of individual cabinets.

This is a great way to maximize value without a lot of compromise.